Today’s lunch is a big, fat ZERO. Hahaha. Iyak tawa na Lang. Hahaha. Huhuhu. :))
Mom and bro. Coz we all got super excited to see my brother in his arki uniform so sorry, but we just had to. Woooot! Proud of you brother. 😘
"Light" dinner dates + "one" bottles with @velascochad. @karlnylander, paayos mo na yang phone mo a! Bros before hoes, okay? #productivesaturdays  #agencypeople
Made Club Sandwiches for the fam earlier. With extra cheese, please!  (at Casa Sanchez)
Got bored so I made some Tuna Nicoise for dinner. #chefjunchronicles; Chos! Tuna Nicoise practice for tomorrow’s midterms. Wish me luck! 😭😭😭 (at Casa Sanchez)
So this is how 8-5 feels like. My legs are killing meeeeee! 😭
Coz I’m gigil for you like that!!! 🙌
Meron ditong excited pumasok e. :)) @fidelque5 #ustarki #fam #cousins #randomgettogethers
Earlier’s #nomnomnom 🐽
Pag naiwanan ka ng eroplano, I-explore mo ang Kalibo! :)) #babysitterduties #doseofseawater (at Jawili, Tangalan, Aklan)
Alain pulling it like a legit local! Hahaha! #babysitterduties  (at Boracay Island, Philippines)
Yesterday’s dose of peace and quiet. #babysitterduties #boracaysunset
And that is what you call #nofilter! #boracaysunset #babysitterduties