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Dear PMS,

Seriously, you have to stop now. The time is now. I know that you know that I gained weight big time and losing it is like waiting for the Manila traffic to subside. Slow. Still. Hopeless. Ugh.

You see, I’ve been skipping dinner for a week now to at least jump start my weight loss before I finally reunite with cardio. And boy was I successful. I was. Until you happened.

So yeah, never mind that I…

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Pantry Pasta for lunch! #vscocam
Oh hello happy accident! Why so sinful? #vscocam #2ndRnD
R&D #vscocam
Having fun with Nikko’s army(?) cap. Hahaha!
While waiting for our interview. #GoGlobal
Earlier’s placement with my FG laaaahhhhdies!

Coz I Ate My Weight Last Week

Last Friday was definitely one for the books. Aside from spending time with my favourite people, I also got to discover a damn good Korean restaurant that’s near from where I live, so YAY!

Actually, the initial plan was to go to Pasig, get our SA details, then go to Ippudo and have some ramen. However, Khris changed his mind and asked us if we want to eat at Jade Garden instead for their Pecking…

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Pre-prod: “Tala, picture! Dali naaaa!” HAHAHAHA!
Tala, dapat vain ka rin, kase vain ako. Chos! Hahaha!
Spicy Tuna + Dill + Grapes sandwich #vscocam #breakfast
Goodmorning bebe gurl! ❤️
Aftermath. #koreanfest #tagbaboy #SApartnersforev  (at Jang Ga Nae 장가네)
Dahil konti na lang, malapit na masira ulo mo samin ni Raqs. Hahaha! Let’s make that happen soonest, okay? Thank you for today, Khris! 😁 All for one, one for all! HAHAHAHA! #koreanfest #tagbaboy #SApartnersforev  (at Jang Ga Nae 장가네)