Coz I will never forget 6 o’clock ever again. Hahaha!
Posting Chef Jun and Jeme’s photo coz I don’t have a decent photo with chef. Hahaha! Thanks Chef Jun for everything—for those below 70 grades that made me think twice about why I still pursued culinary, for pushing me to my limits, for making me say to myself that yes, this is the life that I want every damn day—with conviction yan a, and to the chefs who never gave up on us because they knew our capabilities (Chef Ching, Chef Meg, Chef Cho, And Chef Rich), thank you for the hardest 8 months of our lives! *tears* Super thank you! 😁 #GlobalCulinary #RWChefJunChefKat #B31&32
Chef Kat and the gang. #Pastryteam #RWChefJunChefKat #Timog
Hello be!
Tala’s NFF hahaha!
Aaaand my laptop is back to white screen. 😭 @vernasanchez, come home na and fix it. Now. Hahaha!
Of get-togethers and girl talks. Hahaha! Let’s do this more often! @barbeecue @bakingbuglady #kaye#raqs#B31ladies
Hahaha! Buhay pa oh! @paul87russell
Akin ka na lang iingatan ko ang puso mooooo @dandanmatsunaga ❤️❤️❤️
Wala Lang. Namiss ko Lang kayo. 😁 #sanchezladies #cousins kulang ng isa. Hello @ianepatricia! 🙌
Mahal kita pero di mo Lang alaaaaaam :)) #latergram
Sinech? Hahahaha! #latergram
UmbrellaHAT hahahahha! #latergram
Happy Birthday Lady! #latergram
Pssst sexy! #latergram #PCC